James Holden

Helping you respond to situations.

Stick it to the Man with Knockout Responses  

Hi, I’m James Holden, if you are here, you are either going through hell or you know someone else who is.  

Compassion (for right-brain emotional & creative people)

Knockout Responses is ideal for anyone going through hell with unfair situations such as:

  • Workplace conflict
  • Insurer claims
  • Responding to court 
  • Government bureaucracy
  • Any situation where you are responding to an unfair opponent

I have gone through all these hellish situations before.  I have great empathy for what you are going through.  It is normal to feel anger, shock, stress, confusion, anxiety and distress.  Likewise, it’s easy to become overwhelmed by the sheer amount of work involved.  

Uncertainty of receiving a favourable outcome remains a constant companion in such endeavours.  It may seem never-ending, like climbing a mountain with many false summits.  

It is even more daunting when you are facing multiple hell situations.  Worse yet, while still working full time and parenting.  Over time, hope may have turned to hopelessness.  I have been there too:  It’s a lousy place to be. 

Wherever you are, know that your journey does have a beginning, a middle and an end.  While I can’t change what you have been through already, I can certainly help you find a better pathway.   

My aim is to help you maximize your outcome with minimum spending.  You get to stick it to the man and save money in the process.  

I bring the benefit of hindsight to anticipate your opponent’s next moves

Power shifts, as you get to expose and shame your opponent.  Better yet, you get to leverage their duplicitous behaviour.  It is comforting to have a calm guide, who has got your back and won’t let others ride over you.  

At all times you remain in full financial control and get to choose as much or as little support as you need.  

Logic (for left-brain goal-oriented, fact-oriented people)

Responding to workplace conflict, insurer claims, court or government situations requires clear and analytical thinking.  Yet, by their very nature, these situations bring chaos into people’s lives.  

Objectivity suffers, particularly when your situation is made personal and painful.  It makes it harder to identify the pathway to achieving the best outcome.  Even lawyers rarely represent themselves, as emotion makes it harder to see dispassionately.  

Urgent requests to respond to letters and documents keeps your head down and under the pump.  Staying on top of all the paperwork is challenging.  Whereas responding effectively to legalese letters and documents takes on an art form

At times it can be hard to see the wood for the trees.  Even when your mind is on task, they need to balance risk vs. reward and chaos vs. order is ever-present. 

Make no mistake, if you are going through a hellish situation, the fight has come to you.  Your opponent will play hardball, including character assassination.  They are likely to be far better financially resourced for playing the long game.  They will leave you continually second-guessing what’s coming next.  War of attrition is often their strategy, intended to grind you down until you surrender. Common to all hellish situations, you will be facing a David vs. Goliath situation. 

As a young paratroopers we lived by the motto ‘Train hard: Fight easy’. 

Striking smarter, not harder, enables you to respond effectively. It removes the toll that anger and emotion take.  

Know that knowledge dispels fear as clarity follows on from confusion.  These help place erudite Knockout Responses to bring your oppressor to bear.  By holding your opponent fully accountable for their behaviour.  This has the advantage of placing them on the ropes.  It provides favourable leverage for an expedited, fair and reasonable resolution.  

Like the boxing match analogy, what you are going through has a beginning, a middle and an end.  You need to exit the system as quickly as possible.  Going the full fifteen rounds, only to draw or worse lose, takes a huge toll on mental and physical wellbeing.

Fighting the good fight, allows you to move on with your life quicker.  It restores peace and well-being back to your life.  Later on, this experience will later become one of life’s many chapters.

About Knockout Responses 

It’s ideal for anyone going through hell’

‘Strike smarter, not harder’ is the principle at the heart of the system.  Whether it’s a 4-page letter, a 35-page report or an affidavit with 148 points, Knockout Responses enables you to:

  • Avoid rookie mistakes and pitfalls your opponent set to use against you 
  • Respond effectively vs. Reacting, particularly when you know you are in the right
  • Take clear-headed positive action, without the toll that anger and emotion takes
  • Write powerful responses to your opponent’s letters, reports and documents
  • Use examples, templates and powerful ‘Knockout’ keywords in your responses 
  • Detect patterns of opponent behaviour
  • Shine the spotlight firmly on the opponent’s unreasonable behaviour
  • Think systematically to see the whole picture and your opponent’s next moves
  • Organise supporting documents and evidence to disprove claims and allegations 
  • Utilise neuro-semantic concepts to boost confidence and level the playing field
  • Unravel craftily worded documents to ensure you address all salient points
  • Weed out chaff and distractors to place appropriate emphasis on critical issues
  • Apply heat by tying the opponent up with tasks 
  • Readily identify concerns, ramifications & opportunities to best plan your next move
  • Demand maximum opponent accountability, leaving zero wriggle room 
  • Present as the reasonable person, yet a force to be reckoned with
  • Hold opponent accountable to do the ‘reasonable’ fair and right thing
  • Leverage opponent behavioural mistreatment to your maximum advantage
  • Minimise protracted & costly litigation while honouring legal rights & entitlements 
  • Bring the distressing situation to a swift and fair resolution