Why I do this (general)

My life’s work is about REAL Love.  REAL Love exists along a spectrum.  This is the TOUGH Love end.  Your opponent will receive truckloads of TOUGH Love until they see the wisdom of doing the right thing by you.  Meanwhile, you will be receiving as much TLC as you need.

If you would like to know more about the other end of the REAL Love spectrum, click here 

Why I do this (Specific)

I am here to help you respond to an unfair situation that is impacting your life.  It is not uncommon for bullying to also be present at some level too.  Typical examples include; workplace conflict, devious insurers, bureaucratic red-tape and vexatious court situations.  Though, it could be any situation involving responding to a bullying opponent.  

By striking smarter, not harder, takes the hassle out of responding to unfair opponents.  The proprietary ‘Knockout Responses’ system will help you respond with high impact to: 

  • tricky letters
  • flawed reports and documents
  • legalese documents 
  • Emotional communication

Why I do this – Big motive (general)

I am not into oppression or bullying in any form.  I love helping decent people who are getting pushed around or screwed over. 

In the story ‘David and Goliath’, a shepherd boy faces a giant opponent.  Goliath was 9 feet tall, wore armour, carried a big spear and was the odds on favourite to win.  Goliath intended to fight David, as he always had and would have crushed David.  However, David didn’t fight as Goliath expected.  He did the unexpected and dared to think differently.  Hence the mantra to defeat oppressive or bullying opponents: Strike smarter, not harder.

Why I do this –  Big motive (specific)  Bullying

I found that bullying was a common theme that emerged from the hell situations I had experienced.  The sheer level of bullying that goes on in adult life by people and organisations was astounding.

Moreover, they expect they can do whatever they want, to whom they want and whenever they want.  They expect to get away with it due to more clout, a higher position, rank or economic prowess. 

We live in a world where bullying is not condoned, particularly in schools, yet it still exists.   Bullying is arguably far more prevalent and pervasive in the adult world.  Often by people in positions who should know better.   Bullying causes severe distress and pain to those on the receiving end.  Bullying serves only selfish purposes and has to end.

Specific industries take advantage of bullying as a means to get their own way  i.e. insurer claims.  I have personally experienced bullying.  Professionals I know have also experienced the ‘hard word’ to alter reports.  One of my clients had an Ombudsman cow-tow to insurer pressure rather than do the right thing.

Bullying has become rampant in workplaces by people in power.  Often by narcissists and adult children who abuse their power.  It’s not usually a good career move to take on such people.  As with dysfunctional families people avoid stating what’s really going on. 

Worse yet, employers have their atrocious behaviour hushed over with non-disclosure agreements.  They aim to protect their own reputation rather than hang their head in shame.  Settlement rarely reflects a willingness to accept their behaviour. 

I have experienced first-hand how The Family Court system is wide open to abuse.  It is shameful.  Government entities that serve and protect citizens sure have some weird ways of showing it e.g. 

Centrelink, Police, Hospitals, NDIS SIRA, MAS, CARS and toothless tiger ombudsman services.

I dislike bullying and abuse of power.  I still have compassion for those people, as theirs is a life path with no love in it.   

A life without love is a wasted life.’