Knock-Out Responses

About Knockout Responses 

It’s ideal for anyone going through hell’

‘Strike smarter, not harder’ is the principle at the heart of the system.  Whether it’s a 4-page letter, a 35-page report or an affidavit with 148 points, Knockout Responses enables you to:

  • Avoid rookie mistakes and pitfalls your opponent set to use against you 
  • Respond effectively vs. Reacting, particularly when you know you are in the right
  • Take clear-headed positive action, without the toll that anger and emotion takes
  • Write powerful responses to your opponent’s letters, reports and documents
  • Use examples, templates and powerful ‘Knockout’ keywords in your responses 
  • Detect patterns of opponent behaviour
  • Shine the spotlight firmly on the opponent’s unreasonable behaviour
  • Think systematically to see the whole picture and your opponent’s next moves
  • Organise supporting documents and evidence to disprove claims and allegations 
  • Utilise neuro-semantic concepts to boost confidence and level the playing field
  • Unravel craftily worded documents to ensure you address all salient points
  • Weed out chaff and distractors to place appropriate emphasis on critical issues
  • Apply heat by tying the opponent up with tasks 
  • Readily identify concerns, ramifications & opportunities to best plan your next move
  • Demand maximum opponent accountability, leaving zero wriggle room 
  • Present as the reasonable person, yet a force to be reckoned with
  • Hold opponent accountable to do the ‘reasonable’ fair and right thing
  • Leverage opponent behavioural mistreatment to your maximum advantage
  • Minimise protracted & costly litigation while honouring legal rights & entitlements 
  • Bring the distressing situation to a swift and fair resolution 

Anecdote –  ‘Knowledge Dispels Fear’ 

This sign hung above the aircraft hangar door during my paratrooper training.  We were only ever taught one way:  The right way.  When your life’s on the line, knowing the right thing to do at the right time dispels fear and builds confidence.  Anyone going through hell experiences.  Knowing what to do to get the right result is a learned skill.  That means you can do it.

What I bring to Knockout Responses:

Having created the Knockout Responses system. I will help you to use it for maximum effect. I do this by bringing to bear my unique skill set.  I have spent 3 decades leading, guiding and mentoring others, so little surprises me.  

I bring a diverse range of career experience.  From paratrooper to strategy management consultant to yoga teacher.  Plus quite a few interesting roles as well.


My objective is to help you exit your situation in the shortest amount of time.  As a mentor, I help increase the likelihood of you receiving a fair and realistic resolution. 

I have gone through the 4 main hell situations as a respondent, so I know what it is really like.  I bring wisdom and knowledge, as a mentor to orient you to pathways ahead. 

I help you to view the situation holistically.  This helps to better understand what you are going through and why.  This is important.  It avoids rushing headlong into what would otherwise appear, the most obvious pathway. 

I help you select the best pathway.  This takes into account your current situation and numerous variables.  

I mentor you around traps for novices.  Many of which I had previously fallen into when I was in your situation – even with lawyers.  I know the traps well and verify they are to be avoided.

I will mentor you on important matters e.g. saying NO to requests, that serve others’ interests and not yours.  Likewise, what you need to agree to, but do so, on your own terms.   


I have coached people for success since 2003.  I hold both master’s practitioner and teacher of neuro-semantics.  This is the science of experience and meaning.  I can help you decipher what is really going on.  Better yet, how to use it to your advantage in writing responses.

If you’re going through hell, much of what you will be going through is emotional.  Rest assured, I have got your back.  

Having an external sounding board to help organise your thoughts is invaluable.  I help you decipher the real meaning and behaviour behind your opponent’s communication.  

I show you how to use powerful neuro-semantic techniques and perspective-taking.  These help you to identify and change the game being played.  They also feature heavily in creating highly effective responses.  Your confidence will improve as you see Knockout Responses take their impact. 

I  help you strengthen your resilience by accessing resourceful states for tasks at hand.  I will help you turn fear around and obliterate beliefs that no longer serve you.  Your ability to be assertive and say ‘no’ will also improve.  

Periodically a new volley of communication will arrive.  Having been stable, this assault can suddenly seem too much and is hard to bear. Having a compassionate person to help you get through and stay on track is invaluable.   Likewise, there will be times when there is a lot to do, you are running behind and it all seems important.   Knowing someone has got your back boosts morale, motivation and wellbeing.  


The war of attrition takes its toll on everyone.  One of the first things you lose as you go through hell is your sense of peace and wellbeing.  As a yoga teacher, I bring knowledge and skills to protect you, as a means to counteract this experience. 

Stress and uncertainty are near-constant companions and can be hard to turn off.  Your opponent may utilise this with ‘Friday 5 O’clock follies’.  The intention is to antagonise you and keep you frustrated all weekend.  Psychological warfare.

Keeping you healthy to fight the good fight is of critical importance.  Anger is a common response to abuse and mistreatment.  Anger is  triggered by:

  • Injustice 
  • Violation
  • Frustrated wants 
  • Incompetence

Anger takes a huge emotional and physical toll on the body.  Click here for the negative effects of anger.

At other times you may experience intrusive thoughts that you can’t shake.  These can occur day or night making it hard to relax or get precious sleep.  Sleep loss can easily lead to being grumpy around family members.

Depending on what you are going through, depression could have a full hold of you within a month.  Less if you have had previous experience of depression.  The uncertainty factor leads to anxiety.

To counteract these negative tolls, well-being needs to be made a top priority.  I will help you get the sleep you deserve by teaching you deep relaxation techniques.  

I will share with you ancient breathing techniques to rebalance your energy.  At other times the breath can be used to invigorate your energy or calm you down.

Responding to documents can be exhausting.  I will show you how to clear your mind and hone concentration with simple meditation.   

It’s easy to spend far too long on computers responding to documents.  I will show you effective means to ease neck, shoulder and lumbar stiffness, aches and tension.

Regret can be hard to live with.  You will have peace of mind knowing you did your best to preserve your health and wellbeing.  In doing so you best protect your:

  • Reputation 
  • Livelihood 
  • Legal rights 
  • Entitlements