My Personal Story

How Knockout Responses was Created

After 8 years of going through hell, It took the risk of losing my son, before I thought completely outside the box.   The odds were stacked against me, as the ‘single person expert’ report was a hatchet job.

The Family Court and children’s lawyer rely heavily on the expert report.  Despite the report’s flaws, it gets treated as sound until ‘tested’ at a court hearing 18 months later.   This enabled my ex-wife to erode my son’s legal rights.   

I came to see a pattern across the hell areas.  I leveraged those years of hell to turn around the expert’s report.  My eldest son is on the autism spectrum, he also has ADHD.  I love him so much, there was no way I was going down without a fight.  That’s when the penny dropped ‘Strike smarter, not harder.

Thinking outside the box, I built a way to pick apart documents.   Using the expert’s report as an example.  It was far easier to expose and shine the spotlight on: 

  • Gross behaviours
  • Bullying
  • Factual errors
  • False statements
  • Omissions
  • Weasel words
  • Unreliable conjecture
  • Bias 

There was even expert reliance on unverified factually incorrect statements to my detriment.  To show you how messed up things can get.  I had been falsely accused by my ex-wife of being a heroin addict.  

This was despite her knowing I had spent 10 years working with youth at risk.  Many of whom struggled with addictions.  After the first 6-week wilderness therapy program.  Only 3 months after graduating, one of the participants aged 19 overdosed on heroin.  He would have been aged 40 now.  The last thing I would ever do is dabble with heroin.  It was a cheap shot.  I became prejudiced by its presence in the expert’s document.

Throughout the various hells, I experienced character assassination was brutal.  Even though 90-95% wasn’t true, it really hurt.  No one had the right to abuse me that way and rightfully I felt angry.   

My yoga tradition follows non-violence ‘Ahimsa’.  Ahimsa includes violent thoughts.  There were many times I felt challenged.  Anger clouds clear thinking.   At times, I wanted to wring their scrawny necks.  The only person all that anger hurt was me.  It robbed me of the enjoyment of life.  It gnashed away in my sleep.  At times, I found it hard to put it out of my mind.

In the film, The Matrix there is a great quote ‘The problem is choice’.  The choice, as I saw it, was whether to continue allowing anger to fuel the hell situations I was going through. 

Alternatively, whether to follow the wisdom of Bruce Lee and ‘flow like water.  He described water as the most powerful element.  Water follows the path of least resistance and forges great canyons in its path.

I chose to douse water over my fiery anger.  I was able to respond better, and without the negative toll, that anger takes on wellbeing.  

The Knockout Responses system incorporates verifiable facts, combined with quantitative metrics.  This amplifies the magnitude of your opponent’s behaviour.  It is pretty hard for anyone to ignore such facts.  Even more so, when reinforced with quality evidence.   

I was able to demonstrate that the expert’s report contained serious errors.  I did this having only built 20% of the Knockout Response system.  

Knockout Responses, do not need to stoop to engage in subjective character assassination.  It strikes smarter, not harder.  It exposes opponents objectively for who they really are, leaving them no room to hide.     

I wish I had learned to respond better sooner.  It would have made my life a lot easier.  It would have also saved me over AUD $300,000 in legal fees.  For many people, this amounts to 3 or more years’ wages.

Non-Court Solution

– I work with you to secure a swift, low cost and fair resolution of your situation.  My aim is for you to put hell behind you and move on with your life.  

– My approach has far less risk, fewer costs and less stress vs. pursuing legal and court options. 

– To be able to support anyone from any country, I do not offer legal advice or represent people in court or legal mediation. 

– I listen carefully to problems, and identify needs and aspirations.  I share relevant knowledge, and experience, and discuss pathways and best options moving forward. 

– I help you to effectively respond to your opponent.  Knockout Responses enable you to strike smarter, not harder.  This means smarter replies to letters, documents and reports. 

– I provide a holistic approach that you won’t find anywhere else, (click here).  The idea is to support you through your hell situation to make it out unscathed. 

– Where appropriate, I advise you on how to seek cost-effective legal advice or opinion to optimise your situation while keeping costs down.  

The Downside of Non-Court Solutions

– Having encountered a hell situation it is tempting to lawyer up.  Once you bring out the big guns, it drives your opponent to do the same.  Lawyers remain until the end.  That is likely to be months, even years that you remain going through hell. 

– On hearing about potential ballpark settlement amounts, it is natural to want the big figure.  This immediately removes the opportunity to quickly exit the distressing situation.  

– Simple fact, there are no guaranteed settlement figures, only uncertainty.   The cost of missed work income, plus ever-rising legal fees diminish potential gain.   

– The longer the hell situation proceeds, you will also be trading life pain with the lure of more money.  When this does not come to pass, it is devastating.  

– Legal mediation may appear tempting.  The reality is that it is extremely hard to resolve everything lawyers couldn’t do before in just one day.  The pressure is on to take an undesirable deal or go to court.  A court option would at least double the time you spend in hell.  To burst the bubble.  You are likely to take home around 1/3 of the potential best-case scenario settlement figure.  

– The cost-benefit ratio always has to be justifiable. There is much wisdom in the phrase ‘less is more’.  Less time, less cost, less risk and less stress with Knockout Responses. (click here)

Court Solution

– To be able to support anyone in any country, I do not offer legal advice or represent people in court.  There are excellent reasons for this: 

– Having a law degree still enables me to read complex legal documents. explain them simply and help you respond to letters and documents.

– If you are already in the court system and need help, I can still help you to respond to documents and keep costs low.

– Wherever possible I aim to keep people out of the legal system.  It is not what most people think it is.  Despite what we are led to believe, it has little to do with truth, justice or fairness. 

– Evidence of this is the old lawyer cliche ‘it depends on who we get on the day’.  This subjectiveness literally makes going to court a lottery.

– Going to court is a very slow and very expensive experience.  Legal fees range from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousand dollars.  All without a modicum of certainty.  It’s a gamble.  Better suited to people with deep pockets.  Also, those with too much pride, need to be proved right, even though they know they are right all along.  

– There is a huge amount of legal preparation work involved.  In addition to lawyer and barrister court attendance fees.  Costs can quickly blow out of proportion to the settlement sought.  Though by that stage, you will be too heavily invested to back out.

– Win, lose or draw your legal team bears no risk and they always get paid.  You alone, bear the risk.  Also, should you lose, you are liable for the other side’s costs too.  High risks are involved, as this could likely mean having to sell your home to cover costs!  

– Hearing ‘it’s just the luck of the draw’ after a lean decision, doesn’t take away the pain and anger you will feel.  

– There is wisdom in the phrase ‘pride comes before a fall’.  Likewise Vengeance.